Tango – A tribute to Women

Tango – A tribute to Women is a musical tribute to all women, whether they are free or oppressed in their conditions.
It is also a celebration of the strength and love of women, who, as a mother, grandmother, colleague or life partner,
brings us so much in every moment of our existence.
In the middle part of the piece, I imagined a gradual liberation towards freedom, equity and fulfillment.
A work that I created thanks to the meeting with Tina Guo, who embodies in my eyes, with her beautiful play full of emotions, all the love, sensitivity and strength of Women.

Thibaut Vuillermet


Composer – Thibaut Vuillermet
© Thibaut Vuillermet & Tina Guo
Published by Tina Guo Music
Cello Performed & Recorded by Tina Guo
Piano – Thibaut Vuillermet
Budapest Symphony Orchestra
Conductor – François Rousselot
Tomtom studio
Recording Engineer – Péter Barabás / Gergő Láposi
Mixing Engineer – Marc Guéroult


Creative – Thibaut Vuillermet & Tina Guo
Producer – Thibaut Vuillermet & Tina Guo
Cinematographer Los Angeles – Joel Moody
Director, Stylist, Makeup, Hair – Tina Guo
Cinematographer France – Valentin Boubault
Partner shooting location – Conservatoire d’Orléans
Salle de L’Institut / Ville d’Orléans
Editor – Valentin Boubault