Impressions de Loire : Le court-métrage symphonique

Like an ashy heron, flying over the elegant curves of the longest river in France, Impressions de Loire takes us on a vibrant symphonic journey that lifts our daily vision of the royal river thanks to original music magnified by never-before-seen footage!





Directed by

Thibaut Vuillermet et Vanessa Geffroy

From the Mont Gerbier de Jonc to Saint Nazaire, this musical work puts in harmony the Loire’s waves; sometimes peaceful, sometimes devastating; sometimes wild, and sometimes accompanied by the builder man, who has always seen in the ”River of Loyre” an exceptional environment, as much for his activities as for his emotions…

To all the lovers of the Loire who have been moved by the lines of Maurice Genevoix or the harmony of Turner’s colors, a new dimension opens to you… Make yourself comfortable, take your breath and live this adventure with all your senses: you will fly, glide, dream, tremble… and sail on the Sterne, to face the waves, let yourself drift and be moved by the splendor and the majesty of THE Loire!