Andromeda is a work that connects a solo trombonist, a symphony orchestra and a film specially made to music. The meeting with Fabrice Millischer was decisive in imagining this creation of an image concerto, all inspired by an evocative and timeless subject.



Created by

Bryane Da Cunha & Thibaut Vuillermet


Fabrice Millischer (Trombone solo)

Music by

Thibaut Vuillermet


  • From the earth to the end of the universe,let’s travel to the heart of the legend of Princess Andromeda.She embodied nature and perfect beauty.But she would be the victim of the insolence of her mother Cassiopeia,she would be submitted to torment by the God Poseidon.
  • Exhausted, the princess found refuge in one of her memories.When she met and danced with the Nereidsin the enchanting nature of her carefree and serene childhood.As an adult, she would become as beautiful as the Gods,which would arouse the jealousy of the Nymphs of Poseidon.
  • To punish her for her beauty that he considered insolent,the God of the oceans invoked the monster.Andromeda faced his anger with all her being,drawing her strength from space and nature.Out of breath, she was saved by Perseus who,carried by his winged horse, defeated the monster.This is how Andromeda escaped Poseidon’s dark plan.

« Andromède is a work that connects a solo trombonist, a symphony orchestra and a film specially designed for music. Meeting Fabrice Millischer was decisive to imagine this creation. The concerto and the film function together and are inspired by this evocative and timeless subject.»

« Creating a symphonic piece where images meet music »

Creation of a concert piece for a solo tenor trombone and a symphonic orchestra.

The piece, lasting 20 minutes, will be interpreted alongside the live broadcast of a contemplative film made specifically to interact with the music.The inspiration for this piece is the Andromeda galaxy and the mythological dimension of its character.

ANDROMEDE : The symphonic short film created by Thibaut Vuillermet
Film – Bryane Da Cunha Music – Thibaut Vuillermet

Andromède – Nina Lopata
Poseidon – Raphaël Lecomte
The young Andromède – Elisabeth Cherepanova
The Nereids – Laura Da Cunha & Farrah Sauvat

Script – Bryane Da Cunha & Thibaut Vuillermet
Director’s Assistant – Guillaume Ruchaud
Chief Operators – Bryane Da Cunha & Guillaume Ruchaud
Make-up – Morgane Trepos
Decors – Aaricia Corbal
VFX production – Maxime Vayer
Post-production – Bryane Da Cunha
Photographers on set – Guillaume Ruchaud & Emeric Gallego

Partners / Filming locations :
Le Mystère des Falluns
Ville de Caen Normandie

Création avec l’Orchestre Symphonique d’Orléans - Centenaire Cosmique
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