When Fire Flies

A quiet, fugitive scientist takes measures into his own hands to save the world from extinction.

When Fire Flies - Thibaut Vuillermet
The encounter
When Fire Flies - Thibaut VuillermetThe encounter
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In a remote Scottish mansion an ancient doll sits, waiting to be evaluated by an antique expert. Despite being aware of the doll’s history of being cursed, Dr. Brendan Cole is unprepared for when he and his stepdaughter Rose become the focus of the curse of ‘The Infernal Princess’. The film switches between modern day and the 1700s in order to tell the history behind the doll and its curse

Automata - Thibaut Vuillermet
The Doll Song
Automata - Thibaut VuillermetThe Doll Song
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L'été nucléaire

The grey Jedi

Battle Bordel

L'héritage à l'envers



L'infidélité à l'envers